Skill Principals has a deep understanding of the services and products independent workforce users and investors in human capital management (HCM) are looking for.

We help human resource (HR) tech challengers and startups develop fast revenue growth strategies and scale-proof their business models.

More mature challengers and business benefit from our help in scaling their business models and operational processes. Our work with strategic investors, top-tier private equity sponsors and private investors enable us to make challengers and startups visible to the right players in the financial and strategic investor community.


is the estimated share of HR tech startups failing due to unclear partnership and network strategy


growth differential of HCM challengers with scalable, smart processes vs mature players

How We Help

Skill Principals combines its own startup and challenger mindset with years of experiences in the Fortune 500 space and the world leader in HR services. We leverage our passion, expertise and drive for results to make your startup or emerging challenger in HCM and other people-intensive industries successful. Our focused support comes in various forms:

Business model scaling and acceleration

Process excellence support

Service offering and segmentation consulting

Entry and exit strategy advisory

Pre-acquisition prep work

Post-merger integration and acceleration

Case Study


A successful HR tech startup looks for support to solidify processes and identify growth focus areas following Series B funding. Given the specialized nature of the technology in a business model environment with unique requirements, our client looks for high-impact and equally specialized insights and support. Establishing relationships with potential growth partners outside of the North American market rounds off the engagement request.


After inviting Skill Principals to prepare and moderate a full-day growth strategy challenger workshop, we are mandated to:

  • Identify, organize and moderate 5 growth partnership sessions in Europe and APAC
  • Run high-level agile operating process review from a staffing firm perspective to identify growth and efficiency opportunities
  • Challenge the existing growth and disruption thesis through the lens of established players in the relevant segment of HR service business


Jointly developed detailed use-case of our client’s technology driving 33%+ productivity increase for their core target clients

  • One signed, high-profile growth partnership, one additional partnership paper in finalization between the signing parties
  • Established traditional player ecosystem with four players agreeing to development of win-win strategy blueprint
  • Skill-STRAT exercise leads to identification of three highly relevant skill gaps for HR tech startup and successful mitigation