Companies all over the world and across industries have access to the skills they need through the most diverse workforce ecosystem ever. Permanent teams, on-demand resources, agile project groups, freelancers, offshore, and a lot more create options and opportunity for employers looking to build the most efficient workforce that is specifically tailored to their business.

Technology options to manage this complex workforce ecosystem have rocketed at the same time.

With our 360° industry expertise, Skill Principals will help cut through the noise and establish, maintain and optimize an innovative extended workforce strategy.

Our independent and unbiased team works with you on your people-critical projects linked to independent consultants and statement of work, staffing, freelance managed service provider (MSP) and outsourcing programs.


of US companies’ workforce spend falls into the independent workforce category


of your overall workforce should be independent workforce

$1 Trillion

per year spent on independent workforce globally

How We Help

Skill Principals uses its proprietary 4D process to significantly improve your extended workforce strategy and programs.





360° extended workforce strategy

Effectiveness and productivity review for staffing, freelance, statement of work, outsourcing and MSP programs

Reskilling and upskilling

Onboarding and offboarding

Technology usage (VMS, ATS), Self-Sourcing enablement

Post-merger integration triggered extended workforce review, integration, and consolidation

Coworking effectiveness, people and places programs, remote worker performances

Case Study


Following three significant acquisitions over the past 16 months, the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company needs to get an external, vendor-independent overview of where and how required skills are brought into the company. Free of the respective departmental bias of her Line Management, Talent Acquisition and Procurement teams, the CEO wants to understand if there are skill gaps threatening her company’s output performance. If so, which partners and technologies can best address them, and which efficiencies can be created along the way. In addition, her briefing specifically calls for a strategy that includes an improved focus on retention and well-being of the company’s external workforce members.


Our client asks Skill Principals to conduct a Skill-STRAT™ skill mapping exercise and help implement a state-of-the-art 360° extended workforce and skill strategy.
As part of our solutioning work we:

  • Identify 4 mission-critical skill gaps on the chosen 2-year time horizon
  • Consolidate MSP suppliers and staffing companies
  • Select, implement and ramp-up an upskilling program
  • Refresh the stringent application of the previously implemented hybrid VMS/MSP program and
    add a freelance / self-sourcing component
  • Implement the extended workforce strategy to avoid future skill gaps


Skill gaps addressed by 80% only 6 months after Skill Principals intervention

  • Complexity measured in number of skill channels reduced by 40%
  • Improve extended workforce retention and satisfaction to Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +35