Skill Principals has a 360° view of the human capital management (HCM) sector and people-intensive service industry.

We possess a deep understanding of both future and current requirements for successful businesses in this space, including what separates winning models from the rest; future-proofing and recession-proofing approaches; high-growth client segmentation and mix, as well as operational processes.

Skill Principals benefits from substantial experience in buy-side and sell-side investment situations, combining the investor view with a focused operational view of the industry. We facilitate deal origination, execution, and post-merger integration.

Skill Principals delivers international perspective and reach with a specialization in the US and Europe.


of businesses state they require external workforce to deliver their core services and meet client demand

$82 Billion

in the human cloud market demonstrates vast investment opportunities in a market undergoing deep transformation

How We Help

The HCM sector as well as other people-intensive industries require a different approach by investors and strategic partners. High cash flows, strong underlying mega trends and asset-lightness face off with above-average cyclicality, high people dependency and intangible success factors.

Skill Principals understands both the investor and the unique operator / owner view in HCM and other people-intensive sectors. Powered by this expertise, we facilitate identification of targets and investment opportunities and support owner/seller interactions. Due diligence and post-acquisition work, along with existing investment portfolio reviews and optimization, complete our market-leading offering towards the international investor community.

Target identification and investment opportunities

Support with owner / seller and investor interactions

Due diligence for HCM and other people-intensive businesses

Workforce strategy consulting and operational excellence for portfolio companies

Strategic, commercial, and financial partnerships

Case Study


Previously executed transactions in people-intensive services and people-centric tech companies, plus the search for pivotal growth levers, triggers the Managing Director of a leading private equity firm in the Greater New York City area to want to understand potential early trends in emerging business models. In addition, the team pulls in an Operating Partner to discuss skill gap issues that appear to prevent exponential growth given the unique requirements in people-intensive services and people-centric tech business models.


Our client asks Skill Principals to work together with a Big Three consulting firm to analyze relevant mega-trends and implications on business models that will define the probability of winning with the team’s current portfolio companies. Skill Principals gets mandated to:

  • Provide specific people-intensive business model consulting work in the ongoing strategy exercise led by a Big Three consulting firm
  • Identify and engage with two bolt-on acquisition targets in the labor-intensive dental practice management space
  • Run a workforce strategy and Skill-STRAT mapping exercise to improve the efficiency and fluidity of the dental practice management company’s workforce practices


ROI on investment in Skill Principals services exceeds factor of 13x

  • Conflict of interest-free work on all mandated project topics
  • 4 identified and valid bolt-on targets engaged in active conversations, 1 ultimately executed
  • 10%+ productivity increase plan implemented in workforce management approach for dental practice management portfolio