Skill Principals has a detailed vision and significant insights into the mega trends that impact the work of Staffing and Recruiting companies, consulting firms, contractors, managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) providers, and other key actors in the human capital management (HCM) industry.

Combining these macro insights with detailed operational knowledge enables us to help our clients innovate and increase relevance, revenues and returns.

Unlike generalist Big Three strategy consultants, Skill Principals generates client success based on real industry knowledge and passion for the specific requirements of their businesses.


of providers in today’s workforce ecosystem are expected to not survive the next five years of evolution in the industry

6 out of 10

of today’s global top 10 staffing and human cloud providers will no longer be in the top 10 seven years from now

How We Help

Skill Principals is on the pulse of the future-centric business model and tech evolution while at the same time bringing decades worth of experience in the human resources (HR) services and human capital management (HCM) industry to the table. Our keen insights into these strong trends and rapid changes will not only help you add, develop or adjust high-growth service offerings to future-proof your business, but also ensure that you have the right business mix in place to protect your hard-earned success and growth throughout the next economic downturn.

Scalability, service offering and client segmentation advisory

Operational excellence and process work

Future-proof and recession-proof your business strategy

Optimize technology usage and productivity

Direct internal colleague onboarding and offboarding

Case Study


Having built a successful professional staffing and outsourcing company close to reaching $1 billion in revenue, the founder/owner and chairman sees growth rates in the core business divisions stalling and gross margin conversion declining. Pressured by succession planning questions and increasingly concerned by the question of how the company would perform through a next economic downturn, our client wants to strengthen his company’s success of winning in the short-term (1 year), surviving in the medium-term (3 years), and pivoting successfully to the next size level in the long-term (5 years).


Our client asks Skill Principals to provide deep, industry-specific strategy consulting and implementation work for his C-level team, and select emerging talent team members.
As part of our high-impact strategy work we:

  • Co-develop a new growth-oriented service offering and provide the launchpad for agile and organic implementation by the internal team members
  • Blueprint a recession-proofing value proposition for the company’s customers all the way to deployment planning
  • Provide the 5 year mega-trend analysis that kickstarts the company leadership team’s ongoing strategy work


Increased probability of winning through the cycle by factor of 3x

  • Complexity measured in number of skill channels reduced by 40%
  • Provided the company’s leadership team with tier 1 strategy blueprint and enabled execution