The Future of Work is here.

We believe that the new reality of work offers significant opportunity for talent and employers.

By 2030, the extended, non-permanent workforce will represent the majority of the overall active workforce. New levels of acceptance of remote work will further accelerate this evolution.

An unprecedented variety of technology and solutions in the Human Capital Management space will enable more positive experiences and drive business outcomes for both employers and talent in the Human Cloud.

The winners of these developments will be lean, agile and innovative companies that include and further enable human edge in digital offerings.

The way we work is rooted in our key values:



Who We Are

Daniel Masata

Founder & President

Guillaume Herrnberger

Co-Founder, Managing Director EMEA

Anne Shaw

Workforce Trend Consultant

Marcello Pozzoni

Managing Director

Dan Mujica

Independent Advisor

Christine Schenck

Office Manager